Customized Tour
Welcome to Guilinand Yangshuo!

Nowadays lots travelers would like to have their own way during their vacation, if you prefer travel by yourselves or with friends, and also those whom wish to create a custom itinerary by themselves, we would like to help you design the trip.

If your are not very sure which place or activity you want to visit or to do, we suggest you design your trip based on our itineraries. You may choose one of the itineraries or combine a number of them to plan your own itinerary.

If none of the suggested itineraries meet your travel plan or you have an idea of where you would like to visit inGuilinand Yangshuo area, please send us an email to let us know your interests and preferences, we will help you design a perfect trip toGuilin.


Please let us know the following:


1.  Where would you like to visit and what activities you would like to do?

2.  Numbers of travelers and relations.

3.  What’s your hotel requirement and budget?

4.    What type of travel you like (such as hiking, biking, landscape, old town, ethnic tour and so on).

5. Stay in the city or Countryside.

6.   How long will you stay here and your travel date?

7.  Any special requests will be considered.

Enjoy Your Life, Enjoy Your Trip!

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